Across China on foot.

(1 European walker, 1 year, 4,500km, from Beijing to Urumqi).


"These goats simply don’t give a dam".

(Italians can go EVERYWHERE)

Yup, makes sense.



The Metric Marvels campaign…

They tried to switch with Ford and Carter in the 70s,

but it made too much sense.

"Flying Cities: the boom of urban cable-cars"

I don’t see infrastructure connecting neighborhoods but flying over them…this is one in Rio.

Breaking in, snapping pics, going to jail for it.

"Urban Explorer" Dan Marbaix.

Advertised as “The New Gypsies”, this guy published a 182$ photography book portraying the amazing lifestyle of these people, just then to commodify it nonchalantly. Yes the second reportage (last pic) is in a fashion magazine. Yes that’s Kate Moss. No it’s not cool.